I am a licensed mental health counselor. I received my graduate degree from New York University, Applied Psychology department. I began my ventures in this field at Cornell Presbyterian Hospital in NYC, interning in the behavioral health department, treating substance abusers/mentally ill.  Upon my completion, I continued  in this arena, and obtained employment at Richmond University Hospital, formerly known as St. Vincent's Hospital on Staten Island, NY working with individuals  with  addictions, chemical dependency, alcohol abuse/dependence, drug addiction/abuse, domestic violence, coping skills, relationship issues, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), etc..   I also had the opportunity to work with young teenagers at Girls and Boys Town, working in a non secure detention, treating juvenile teens while they waited to either be sentenced or released home as per judge's decision. Working with adults and  young adolescents provided me with much insight and knowledge treating both of the populations. I truly enjoy and love what I do and consider it an honor to have the opportunity to empower individuals to find their "greater self."

In addition to practicing therapy, I became a a certified life coach. I have obtained my training from Certified Coaches Federation-The Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation. As a result of the gained knowledge and expanded perspective to help people attain their personal and professional short term and long term goals,

Furthermore, I enriched my education and practicing expertise with acquiring a Certification as an Anger Management Specialist. I am court approved nationwide. I have developed a unique, hands on Anger Management Program. These techniques are invaluable for a person's everyday life as it provides tools for self-control for any types of situations and circumstances.

 I feel I am equipped to provide the best treatment possible. As a Therapist , as a Coach  and as an Anger Management Specialist I strongly believe in self-improvement, enhancing the self to help others!

Many believe that self-help and self-improvement is about rags to riches, failure to success, and so forth, when indeed it is the beginning of a journey into self-discovery. Inside every human being is an eternal truth and a life purpose. Using our mind power is simply starting the engine on that journey of self-discovery and highest self-actualization. - Eldon Taylor
Kelly Gorsky, 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor,

Certified Coach Practitioner
Anger Management Specialist-I

(646) 764-6562
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