Kelly I. Gorsky, LMHC, CCP, CAMS-I  
(646) 764-6562

Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Life Coach
Business Developer, Anger Management Specialist & Divorce Mediator

Please watch me on Mob Wives Series/Season 1 to gain brief insight into my professional therapeutic style...
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Currently Offering In-Person/Phone/Video Sessions 

*Individual Counseling & Coaching-50 Minute Session

*Anger Management Sessions For Personal Self Growth/Mandated Anger Management Assessments and One on One Classes/Sessions-50 Minute Session

*Parenting/Discipline Therapy/Coaching-50 Minute Session

​*Couple/Marriage Therapy/Coaching-60 Minute Session

*Family Counseling/Coaching-60 to 75 Minute Session

*Business Development & Strategies/Coaching-60 to 120 Minute Session

*Support in Mediation for Couples going through Separation or Divorce, which includes parenting plans-60 Minute Session

Contact Me at :(646)764-6562 or SelfGrowth@KellyGorsky.com

I accept Cash or Check. Out of Network Reimbursement is an Option/I do not accept Insurance Plans.

My practice is centered on:
Attaining Clarity and Focus Solutions Tools to Walk Away With Specific Based Skills from Each Session

                                        Areas Of Expertise
        *Individual Counseling/Coaching-Gain Insight To Self
        *Marriage Counseling-Improve Relationship with Making Specific Changes
        *Couples Counseling-Realize if this Relationship Works for You
        *Pre-Marital Counseling-Attain Clarity what Marriage will Look Like
        *Relationship Counseling/Coaching-Learn Skills to Create More Satisfaction
        *Sex & Single Life, Dating Coaching/Therapy-Fall In Love Healthily
        *Co-Dependent Behavior Counseling-Become Assertive and Strong
        *Alcohol & Drug Interventions-Help with the Struggling Loved One
        *Anger Management Assessments and Skills-Gain Stability
​        *Depression & Anxiety Therapy-Attain Healthy Lifestyle Choices
        *Assertiveness Skills, Communication Tools-Let Your Message Be Heard
        *Parenting Dilemmas-Discipline Techniques-Affirmative/Loving Parent
        *Relationship Problems & Miscommunication-Seek Understanding
        *Problem Solving Techniques-Learn Options and Alternatives
        *Business Coaching and Consulting-Establish and Grow Your Business
        *Addictive Behaviors: Addiction Counseling-Live a Dependent Free Life
        *Self-Assertiveness, Self-Esteem Enhancement-Gain Confidence
        *Career & Interpersonal Development Coaching-Vertical Movement
        *Sex & Romance: Intimacy Issues-Attain Satisfaction in your Sexuality

The uncertainty, the confusion and the indecisiveness doesn't have to be part of your life. With quick exploration in your therapy/coaching sessions, you will be able to attain clarity and have the ability to attain decisiveness that will get you to where you need/want to be. I embody The Solutions Focused Approach so that you don't have to be stuck a minute longer in the cycle that you want to get away from. Figuring out who you are, where you are going and how you want/need to be is part of the solutions equation in my practice.

     Whether you are in a Relationship you are not fully content with....
     Whether you are in a Profession you are not thriving in or satisfied with... 
     Whether you are a Business Owner and financially not hitting your marks....
     Whether you are just Not Happy with your Parenting Results...
     Whether the Drug/Alcohol makes decisions for you...
     Whether you are struggling with a Loved one who is led by a Substance...
     Whether you are Anxious and Worried....

****Then You have arrived at the Right Place and at the Right time to Improve!

Being Ready and Open to making Changes is quite a great start when getting into treatment. It is tough to attain Different and Better Results when you are not ready to hear and make the changes that will be uncomfortable and difficult.  Yet the transformations are Highly Rewarding. Talking Change and Making Behavioral Change is Not The Same.