Kelly Gorsky,   
Licensed Mental Health

Certified Life & Business Coach

Certified Anger Management Specialist I

Divorce Mediator

Kelly Gorsky, LMHC, CCP , CAMS-I  
(646) 764-6562

Licensed Mental Health Therapist,
Life & Business Coach & Anger Management Specialist

The therapist/coach is a guide along a sometimes difficult and confusing, yet rewarding journey.  As a therapist and a life coach, I offer suggestions, address self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, and guide my clients from the past to the present in order to note unhealthy patterns that may be getting in the way of personal/professional growth.  Everyone can reach their goals and move past obstacles by making changes in their perceptions and attitudes and being willing to see situations with a new pair of glasses. 

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I am excited to share my sessions with the public to exhibit my pro-active and interactive approach in therapy...    
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​                    Areas Of Expertise
        *Individual Counseling/Coaching
        *Marriage Counseling
        *Couples Counseling
        *Pre-Marital Counseling
        *Relationship Counseling/Coaching
        *Sex & Single Life, Dating Coaching/Therapy
        *Co-Dependent Behavior Counseling
        *Alcohol & Drug Interventions
        *Anger Management Assessments and Skills
​        *Depression & Anxiety Therapy
        *Assertiveness Skills, Communication Tools
        *Parenting Dilemmas-Discipline Techniques
        *Relationship Problems & Miscommunication
        *Problem Solving Techniques
        *Business Coaching and Consulting
        *Addictive Behaviors: Addiction Counseling
        *Self-Assertiveness, Self-Esteem Enhancement
        *Career & Interpersonal Development Coaching
        *Sex & Romance: Intimacy Issues       

*I am also A Divorce Mediator. I can help you to attain answers and clarity if you are considering or going through a Divorce. While I do not offer sessions for Divorce Mediation at this time, I can help with transition, support and with informative tools to help you in this difficult time
     Keep in mind that counseling and therapy are interchangeable words and are used to create variation. Therapy/Counseling is a perspective from childhood to present to future. Whereas, coaching is a perspective that begins from present and aims to focus on the future. Both practices are very important and goal oriented in my private practice. I utilize a very direct and an assertive approach with much compassion in order to attain the required results.   

Therapy is equivalent to attaining your personal and professional success. In this competitive and challenging world, it is often times intimidating and frustrating to reach your goals. I am here to help you to find your own success and happiness by engaging you and providing feedback to equip you with the appropriate tools to attain your destination. With open exploration of the past obstacles and understanding how to resolve current dilemmas and concerns, the future will be a lot more attainable and satisfying. Problem resolution is the key to creating opportunities, personally, maritally and professionally. I will help you to identify and to clearly and assertively communicate your needs and wants so that desired results are gained. My main goal in treatment: is to guide you with compassion, empathy and unconditional support yet with a pro-active and an interactive style so that you don't ever feel alone on this road of self-discovery and success.